Welcome to the Maritime High Performance Driving Club

Welcome to some of the fastest, safest, performance driving you will ever experience. With your membership in the Maritime High Performance Driving Club, you get private days at one of Canada’s premier driving experiences, the track at Atlantic Motorsport Park (AMP) in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. You also become eligible for special days at other tracks in Eastern Canada, such as the Mosport International Raceway, Mosport’s Driver Development Track, Toronto Motorsport Park, and Circuit Mont-Tremblant. The Maritime High Performance Driving Club is for subscribers only and is open only to qualified drivers. Club events at the track are not open to general registration.

At each event there will be a dedicated event director, instructors, track marshals, Medical Rescue Team (EMS type) vehicle with certified operator(s), plus the best insurance and best management for the day. The event director and marshals do not instruct or drive; they are responsible for the smooth and safe operation of the day — your day.

Participant safety is the top PRIORITY.
Maximum seat time is our MISSION.
Improving AMP is our CAUSE.


Club track days usually feature two run groups (intermediate and advanced) running in alternate 30 minute sessions. Depending on the mix of members on any given day, the event director may elect to run different groups, however run groups generally have no more than 10 drivers of similar skill on the track during a session. Safety and an enjoyable driving experience for the club members are the overriding goals of the track staff.

The club also offers a structured skills development program. Highly qualified and experienced instructors will be available at each event to, if you wish, provide one-on-one instruction on one or more of your sessions. Three events on the club schedule will offer “skill development exercises” (e.g. threshold braking, trail braking, controlled over-steer, controlled under-steer, controlled obstacle avoidance, short slalom exercises) during the morning’s activities.

Each year  there is a “club weekend” (three of them in 2022) where each member who attends is entitled to invite one non-member (guest) who is a qualified driver to drive for the day. There is no additional cost for the guest to attend however they must meet the minimum requirements of the club and complete a the appropriate forms. Extra Instructors will able available to assist all the additional drivers. The club weekend is a special day for all the members and their guests. The club’s corporate sponsors are also invited for the weekend so members have an opportunity to meet the businesses who help support the club.

Each year in January there is club Winter Social where members, their spouses/significant others and friends gather to socialize, review the past year’s activities and discuss future activities. This is a fun event!

The club is interested in coordinating trips away and several members do travel.  Let us know your plans or your interest and we will help coordinate a driving adventure.