Pricing and Registration

It is late in the season but the 2023 plans have been kicked into action.  (Additional dates are possible according to demand) It will be another busy season!

There is no better or comparable way to get track-time / seat-time or training at a cost anywhere near this program and at what arguably is one of the best “classrooms” in driving – AMP. To boot, you are also helping to underwrite AMP’s future.

Maritime High Performance Driving Club will continue to maintain a member-first policy and not cater to single event users. Regardless, your friends, guests, and prospects will always be welcome and facilitated (Please give the organizer notice).

2023 Rates

Full 2023 Membership: $2400 + Plus HST $2760.00     Unlimited access to every 2023 MHPDC event: Includes ARMS Club membership, instruction as requested, come and go as your schedule allows, Club Cap, decals.

The 4-Pak:  $1390 + Plus HST= $1,598.50    Most members will do eight or more events… subsequent 4-Paks will be priced less than $1390 to allow us to equalize your costs and compare to an annual subscription.  A 4-Pak is also a great option that works for those that join the season late.

4-Pak #2: $1105 + Plus HST =  $1,270.75   This is the deal for the members who use want to continue on with their season after they have used up their first 4-Pak.  If you can get to more than eight events this season and have not purchased the full season deal we will offer you special pricing – please contact Mike.

New Member – TBA – we have the ability to customize a program for you. Limited to new prospects and late season starters. It includes dedicated instructor for two track days, proper membership and Lapping License fees as required. It allows people to see our program and they then can determine their path to more advanced high performance driving and training.

Payment: Your cheque, draft,  – payable to 670761 N.B. Inc., e-Trans ( is the preferred payment method (as discount/service fees for PayPal and credit cards are high). Payment in person is welcome – please advise. Terms can be arranged also. Your plans and deposit by May 10, 2023 will allow us to finalize and guarantee the program for the season.

Mailing Address: 670761 NB Inc. c/o Maritime HPDC, 44 Kensington Drive, Moncton, NB E1E 3J4

As a fringe benefit, stay tuned for group trips or events. The ARMS  2023 Race schedule still includes a Vintage Class / Gentleman’s Class that several members will be participating in and TimeAttacks both Private and Regional are planned.

Any questions, concerns or additional information – please contact:

Mike McCrea c 506 862-9399 email: